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What Do You Look For

Often, I’m asked what I look for in a model.  What makes want to draw someone?  Is there a look like I go after?  These are good questions, of course.  Sometimes, I scout for a specific look in a model, … Continue reading

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When I was a Boy

Drawing was the most accessible art to practice.  It didn’t require paint or canvas like painting nor did I have to buy clay should I try sculpting.  Pencils and paper were already around the house, of course, and money was … Continue reading

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Why a Portrait?

I’m often asked why I do portraits—because I love to share stories.  Indeed, I consider portraiture a form of biography.  Instead of using words and sentences, through line and tonality, I communicate an intimate visual accumulation of who my model … Continue reading

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RIP Terry

Above all, Terry Hayden was a gentleman–a real sweet person.  His love was photography which he did since the 70s.  He focused on landscapes and portraying the natural world.  I love his black and whites of the northeast, especially those … Continue reading

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Day 1 in Seattle

I’m excited to be here for the rest of the year drawing new faces and penning new narratives.  I visited two years ago.  I found the people warm and energizing.  Now, I have the opportunity to draw many of the … Continue reading

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Portrait in the Making

I began three portraits this week.  One is a wonderful Fresno photographer, Jonathan Mathis.  His work explores social issues.  His collection of portraits, Invisible Man, explores the identity of Black men.  It is a compelling series of black and white … Continue reading

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What is Face America? It’s my project exploring who we are and what paths we follow. In doing so, Face America celebrates those who inspire, motivate and teach. It promotes the good of our society, creating a better story about … Continue reading

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